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Great combat episode, thanks to Millias X Woolf "Take care, Lieutenant", Spallow's mid-space parts change (complete with a flyer), and Boyage's kamikaze attack. Yurin must have missed Flit that much from the next episode preview. Best scene would be when the Zedas blocked the nail gun rounds, ninja-style.

Grodek has a good strategy on this battle, leveraging Diva's defensive capabilities (anti-beam dispersal shells), Zalam/Euba and the Genoace role of drawing enemy fire while AGE-1 and G-EXES providing the main offensive arm. It forced Decil to launch the Zedas. Fortunately the counter for that, the GN Shiguru blade, is ready for the Spallow's use.

But how can Flit "newtype" sense Decil on the Zedas, which is almost surely a UCV?
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