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He also gave a response to someone requesting 428 that he'd love to do it, but that the amount of text is easily 5 or 6 times what they're usually working with, a lot longer than 999. Umineko probably blows even that out of the water.

It could be solved with Witch Hunt's ready script. He says using fans to translate a game is troublesome, because the people are so separated and the organization would get messy. But it is about a different game, an untranslated one. Maybe they would accept a script that is already fully translated?

He also said that they'd have to pay for the fan translation, and if they had to pay then why not have their own staff do it. I'm under the impression Witch Hunt might be willing give their script for free. Is that right? It does feel a bit wrong if you wouldn't get paid for what is probably the biggest task a localization team has to do, unless their planning an English voice acting as well.

I don't think Aksys buying a ready script would be impossible for them to do. It would save much of their time, even if they have to get an editor go through it too.

Add to that what MainCharacter said, I'm still positive about this. Maybe with the new releases coming, they'll localize it for at least one of the platforms.
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