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Originally Posted by 00-Raiser View Post
You're taking a step in the wrong direction. Always exercise your critical thinking skills and look at the why not just the what.

Fate was going around shooting kittens and beating up Nanoha. The Wolkenritter were going around attacking mages and stealing their magic. If you just looked at the 'what' obviously they appear as horrible people. But when you factor in the why you can see that there's much more to it than that.

Never disregard the why.
And never disregard the damage that has been done. The casualties are there and cannot be ignored. Whatever their reason may be, the fu-Huckebein must be stopped.

Remember Nanoha's words when dealing with unreasonable people? "I'm going to make you stop and listen." Stop and listen. Stop. People seem to forget that part.

When Fate refused to listen to her, did she just nag Fate with "hey, please listen to me" until the blond complied? No, she tried to stop her since those Jewel Seeds are very dangerous.

When the Wolkenritter refused to explain themselves, did she end with sending them strongly-worded letters? No, she tried to stop them since they're causing trouble.

Focus on the "why"s after these people are safe behind bars when they can no longer do harm. There will be plenty of time for talk then.
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