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My point is that I don't care about knowing the why's, it's useless. Maybe they want to save their dying, cancer-stricken kitten; maybe they need seasoning to eat their kitten with. Every criminal in history has their why's and that never stopped them.

Here's the only use of the "why": cold, hard intel. Knowing their background in an attempt to discern their movement and better formulate on how to defeat them. That's it.

Whatever sob story out there? Let the rehabilitation folks handle that. MS6 are magical SWAT/GSG-9, not psychiatrists.

Originally Posted by LostSome View Post
The time skip of two months is really frustrating because of that.
Two whole months of getting caught in red tapes...
The panic of catching the Hulks ASAP from the attack on the Esquad is gone.
Two months...Kaiser knows how many villages had burned by then...and now MS6 are getting distracted by another faction.

Thinking about that makes Nanoha`s happiness over her students rather... WEIRD.
Very weird. And you'd think the previous fiasco would have made the Bureau escalate a bit, maybe assign an additional ship. Sure, their weapons do jack sh1t, but at least there would be more area they can patrol.
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