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Don't forget Vita's warhammer which drilled a hole in a Divider the size of a goddamn battleship. Despite Vita's defeat at the hands of Curren, the weapon itself was highly successful.

The same goes for Fate's new blades, which held their own against Eclipse fighters just fine.

So that makes at least three of the weapons successful prototypes.
The War Hammer case is a "Your Mileage May Vary" scenario, she make a hole to an "unreacted" divider, and we know those aren't that powerful(just ask Cypha about her experience in fighting Signum with an unreacted Divider xDU).

Sword Breaker is a more cloear sucess because it works not only once but twice the second time against freakin Tohma. But well, let's take your word and say there are two successfull AEC-Equipements, still Vita wasn't able to do much with that rocket on a stick besides knocking at the Huckebein's door xDU.

5th Gen Bardiche was the most notorious success but the credit goes to another project and not the AEC experiment. Which is good as the 5th Gen seems to be a more reliable solution to the Eclipse crisis, a solution more true to the principles of Magic that allow mages to keep fighting like mages(or Tsuzuki simply thinks Fate's powerset is too cool to be replaced, at least i agree with him on that one xD).

Following the trend that Caledfwich is only toying with the bureau and the revealed AEC-equipement is only part of their scheme, i theorize the 5th Gen Device project is an attempt of the TSAB to make their own independent brand of weapons that allow them to keep fighting menaces while still mantaining their code as also to avoid being dependant of military corporations that more likely will have less humanitary goals and interests.

And now a question...

...are Armed Devices too outdated to receive 5th Gen treatement?

i'm looking at you Laevatein -_-
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