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Originally Posted by ryandonz
Hi, i have a couple of questions to ask before buying the game. Thanks!

1. I live in Australia and would like to buy it in a store (not on-line and on PS2 not gamecube) when will it be availible?

2. What shops will it be availible at? and more importantly when is the release date for the FULL ENGLISH version in Australia
dude, that's gonna be a long time. the english version wont be available unless IMO naruto will be dubbed in english, or american game designers will have licenses on the game. about the stores, unfortunately i dont know, but ill safely say that its only available in japan ATM, since, of course, its japanese. the release date would be sept 30, and its recommended that you import it from play-asia or other import sites. go to naruto fan sites like or for more info about the import sites.
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