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So... the third Naruto Gekitou Ninja Taisen is coming out soon, eh...? I'm looking forward to it. I can't get the game because first, I have no Gamecube, second, even if I did I have no money, and third, I wouldn't know where to look. However, I know a fellow college student who will most certainly have no trouble with these problems, so through him, I will still enjoy it.

I have some speculations about the new characters, concerning who else will appear:

Tenten- for the sole reason that I heard earlier in the thread that a team battle mode is going to be incorporated. Her special is obvious.

Shino- same reason as above.

Tsunade- If Naruto is wielding a mastered Rasengan, this arc will most likely bring the deadly Sannin in. I'm wondering if her special ability is to heal. That would be great, lol. Anyone thinking that it would be cheesy clearly has never had their Chakra sealed by Orochimaru.

Shizune- For the same reason above (Rasengan-wise), although I don't know what her special will be.

Itachi- If there's gonna be a story mode, he is a must in this. And his special is clearly Tsukiyomi. I'm also wondering if he'll be wielding Amaterasu the way Sharingan Sasuke wields the Mythical Fire Flower. For those worried about him being broken, he'll most likely be the last unlockable character, like Sharingan Sasuke was.

Kabuto- Same reason as above (story-wise). His special will most likely deal with attacking the opponent's chakra (ie- cutting it in half permanently with his chakra surgery technique or something). Plus, if MIZUKI of all people got screentime, I wanna see Kabuto.

Semi-possessed Gaara- It's a possibility. We may see Gaara with a sand arm or two. Perhaps his special will be to launch the opponent in the air and hit them repeatedly with the slingshot method he used against Sasuke?

Kisame/Kurenai/Asuma/Ino's dad/Chouji's dad/Shika's dad- not likely, since we haven't really seen too much of their fighting yet. Well, not enough to develop a fighting character around, anyway (unlike Gai... ^_^U). I'm just hoping they're playable. Kisame will most likely fight like Zabuza (maybe even be a replacement or alternate character like Mizuki is for Iruka) but with a Neji-esque special (draining Chakra). No idea about the others at the moment.

Akamaru/Karasu- I'm betting they will stay. Not that I'm pleased with that (well, I don't mind Karasu but Akamaru is just annoying), just that hey, Sharingan Sasuke is the CHEESIEST character ever.... There will probably be more balance to deal with these two in the next game, so that it's less of a problem.

I hope there's going to be a Marvel-vs.-Capcom-2-level of character selection.

Here's my thoughts on new specials/fighting styles:

Now, as for specials, one special will most likely change- Ino's. Since Chouji is now playable, and since no one else has a special where another fighting character is involved (except Kankurou and Kiba), Ino will most likely do something different when she switches bodies. Perhaps plaster her opponent with explosive seals and release her hold to get while the getting's good? There's no evidence as of yet to suggest that she learns her father's techniques.

Naruto- Rasengan. His special. He'll most likely hold an opponent in place with Kage Bunshin, and then charge them with Rasengan, since he won't be dashing like Kakashi/Sharingan Sasuke with Chidori.

Jiraiya- Either Rasengan or one of the less devastating frogs. If he uses Rasengan, he'll either do it plainly (ie. just hit them or perhaps even dash at Kakashi-level speed) or hold the opponent in place with a frog. If he uses a frog, he'll probably slam the opponent repeatedly. Or maybe he'll have multiple specials like Sharingan Kakashi/Sasuke or Lee? Hey, that reminds me. Could it be possible many people will have more than one special this time?

Chouji/Shikamaru/Kiba- since Naruto has mastered the Rasengan at this point, I'm betting they, too, will have already mastered their respective techniques, so perhaps Chouji will have his father's techniques already (and after using his special, he'll be skinny and have a new, faster fighting style), Kiba and Akamaru will use Garuuga, and Shikamaru will use his father's techniques.

Rock Lee- Hey, anyone want to see Rock Lee fight with the Drunken Fist style?

Temari- Her special... think Kamaitachi as far as how she did it to Tenten. That should be enough of an idea.

These are just my thoughts. I'm not speaking officially. Just thought I'd inspire in-depth speculation into the changes the third installment will bring about.

-Yusef "The B.A.T." Pittman.
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