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Originally Posted by Flying Dagger View Post
I actually do not mind an enrage timer. Sometimes killing a boss just revolves around how careful you are and slowly chipping a boss away.

I cancelled my preorder because the EB games/gamestop near my home is not doing a midnight launch, but fortunately I found some place else. I hope to at least be able to pick up a CE (even w/o preorder). I guess I will go at least an hour earlier.
Whoa, good luck I guess, all our CE's were gone by the end of October where I live.

Originally Posted by risingstar3110 View Post
Frankly the graphic was not as good as i expected, but maybe because i have been playing too many consoles games lately...

Which characters/heroes you guys plan to try first btw? I think i may try Mage. Used to play warrior/melee classes all my life, so probably want to try something different this time
Wizard! Ice specialist, too...Blizz is one of the very few companies that DON'T make cold magic suck, compared to fire. What's with that trend?! Fire's overrated...

Hoping the dude wiz has a maniacal laugh of some sorts. Female's got one.
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