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I got a question might sound domb to some but i am currious to understand.

I watched the first ep when it first was released. I downloaded it because of the information that was provided. Seems liek ti could be fun. But when i watched it it was very painfull to watch and stay awake at the same time. So i thought sicne normaly im a type ofve guyt hat tend to like a very wide varayaty ofve animes that this must be a fluke anime.

But yet this anime just got it's self its very own forum section when i would argue tot he death to give some other animes a section and take this one out.

So what is so great about this anime? What did I miss? Why do you all liek this anime? basicly i wanan understand what i don't :P so replies into telling me were i failed to appreciate this series would be very welcomed.
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