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well what demon_god04 is saying is my point. The show does not show that he has something in plan for japan or what he wanna do its all in his mind. If he did he would already had started set things in motion which would make me believe that he is doing something.
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Well Suzaku has a great chance now that Zero is gone from Britannia, he also took the people that were discontent and unwilling to live under Britannia rule. And Eleven support is quite irrelevant, since essentially they have no power in how Britannia is governed.

He still has to follow orders after becoming Knight of One, infact it may even be worst since the Knight of One is officially the Emperor's knight, he would still have to follow the Emperor's orders.

He has a goal, a goal that has not been shown to make any headway in the year that he became Knight of Seven. Fact is he still has not been shown to have much of a plan and seems to be mainly concerned with helping to project Britannia's dominance and fighting Zero.
I don't think he has too much leeway to be honest. Apart from fighting the Knights don't have that many tasks, it seems that they are some sort of high-spec task force. He has some power over the military but the administration of the country is handled by the governor. Now that Nunnally is in office she might be able to change something. It'll take some time for her to actually wield the power she is supposed to hold.
So he's still mainly a soldier... Until he has actually some say in political matters he could only prepare for that time and we don't know about that. There hasn't been too much focus on Suzaku in that regard... Nobody knows what happened during the time skip...
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