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I don't think he has too much leeway to be honest. Apart from fighting the Knights don't have that many tasks, it seems that they are some sort of high-spec task force. He has some power over the military but the administration of the country is handled by the governor. Now that Nunnally is in office she might be able to change something. It'll take some time for her to actually wield the power she is supposed to hold.
So he's still mainly a soldier... Until he has actually some say in political matters he could only prepare for that time and we don't know about that. There hasn't been too much focus on Suzaku in that regard... Nobody knows what happened during the time skip...
Where is it stated that soldier can not do social stuff. Is a soldier somehow a different being from someone who starts a organization for the better of life please explain me this matter and i will agree.

So im a general but im not allowed to make a institution for the homeless or people with cancer pls save me the drama of suzaku cant do anything. Your all bloody wrong. he can just go to the chamber of commerce and start a institution its as simple as that.

@Orga777 suzaku is killing for the LULZ and he is following LULU for the lulz right. He killed his dad for the LULZ too

ooh wait he made a justified choice by killing his dad because he felt like it, even though his dad was the representative of japan.
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