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Well that is pretty general and vague. I am going to skip the first one for now and go to the second one. Lelouch wanting to kill his dad is justified if you think otherwise please explain because I would love to hear it. While on other hand Suzaku killed his dad out of his own because he thought it was the correcting thing to do as Japan was in war and he wanted end the war. However this was what Suzaku himself thought and in the end Japan surrender. Basically he thought he was the doing the right thing without thinking of the opinion of other Japanese.
The third one, Lelouch's reason for his evil doing is for his sister. Suzaku is doing what he is doing because he think he is just and correct. Really and Suzaku is contradicting himself as he himself does not want violence and yet he kills other. Not only that Suzaku seems to not to care about common people, especially looking at the most recent episode.

The fourth one, well Suzaku does not want to change the world but he just want to stabilize Japan. And let's be honest letting Brittania do what it is doing isn't exactly good. And the final one yes let Suzaku die already .
because LL OBVIOUSLY understood what nunally wanted of course...

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I didnt say you should shut up i just said that if you say you gonna ignore me you should do it lol and not after that keep posting.

But what i recall from season 1 was a clear line between where the brits lived and the elevens which they called terrorists. Pretty much like what you see in Gaza or isreal and Palestinians.

I mean if someone stands up for the Palestinians and makes a revolution he will have all the support of the Palestinians. However if a Palestine goes in the Israeli army and gets a high rank and some people look up to him(which in the case of geass was to show 2 sides) does not really have a broad support imo. Simple reason is because as seen the show they are easily turned on how they view suzaku while with zero it was OMG he is back our saviour

Still i think he suzaku can make a big difference he is just not doing it. The only thing he hasis power and power alone can not change people. He needs the support of the people Reason why i say he isnt doing anything is because he is not getting that support.

I would change my opinion if the authors show how by every action the japanese people would support him. But by taking down zero he is making himself an enemy in the eyes of the japanese people.

last but not least what demon is trying to say eliarine Lulu is doing everything he can for nunnaly's sake. Whereas suzaku made a choice at the age of 10 or lower even adults have problems with to decide what to do.

HOW THE FUCK can you approve of Suzaku's choice atthat time. I mean seriously use your brain. i'll try to simplify it for you people

If you have america and america goes to war with japan(WO2). Now all the army men have sons like Suzaku. But now we have Suzaku's divine and righteous choice Every soldier of america that has a son like gets killed. Because their 6 - 8 old sons dont wnat war.

Serously do you know how fucked up that is. He could try to talk his dad out of it, whatever but to kill your dad because you dont want war when it basically is upon you. So what he doenst kill the emperor who makes wars but he killed his dad. Seriously that guy is 1 messed up retarded fuck who needs to go to a mental institution periodly
i thought japan pretty much lost and that his dad just wanted to keep fighting? and frankly i think LL just uses his sister as an excuse to rebel against charles e.g. i think he seems more intent on getting revenge for his mom
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