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Originally Posted by canis View Post
I don't think he has too much leeway to be honest. Apart from fighting the Knights don't have that many tasks, it seems that they are some sort of high-spec task force. He has some power over the military but the administration of the country is handled by the governor. Now that Nunnally is in office she might be able to change something. It'll take some time for her to actually wield the power she is supposed to hold.
So he's still mainly a soldier... Until he has actually some say in political matters he could only prepare for that time and we don't know about that. There hasn't been too much focus on Suzaku in that regard... Nobody knows what happened during the time skip...
And that changes when he is Knight of One how? If anything becoming Knight of One means he will be tied down farther with the Emperor and less able to affect any change. The fact that Suzaku has still not shown any competence in political matters and farther evidence that he will likely not be able to affect the changes he wants with the methods he wants. If anything Lelouch would have the better chances changing Britannia from within and Suzaku would have more luck fighting them with a sword.

And you really don't honestly believe that Nunnally was allowed to be the Governer to lead do you? She is being propped up as a puppet leader that plays on the sympathy of the people because she appears innocent, and is blind and crippled.

Originally Posted by Orga777 View Post
He has no political power and Japan was a mess after teh Black Rebellion. Corneila was missing, the place was in shambles, the government was thrown into disarray, and when things finally returned to normal, the Britannians decided that they needed to rule that area with an iron fist because of that rebellion to try and prevent it from happening again. HOW can you go in and try and propose a change under such circumstances?
He became the Knight of Seven right after it, and it could be argued that the fact that the Japanese were discontented with the Britannians was what turned them to someone like Zero in the first place. Ruling them with an iron fist is not a long term solution, they needed something to keep the Elevens in line, using force is just one way. Had Suzaku been able to do something for the Japanese then he may very well have been able to fill the void of hopelessness for the Japanese when Zero was "executed" and regain their trust, making the threat of farther rebellion less likely.
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