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Originally Posted by wtfftw View Post
Simple reason is because as seen the show they are easily turned on how they view suzaku while with zero it was OMG he is back our saviour
There were people supporting Suzaku. But Zero made everyone believe he and Euphemia planned on killing them all along. Of course they saw him as their savior.

Originally Posted by demon_god04 View Post
It's just more people disagree with Suzaku's hypocricy then Lelouch's. It is not the blind Suzaku hate you seem to make it out to be. And they are not the same, just similar but very different on the aspects that matters.
It is blind hate when people worship Zero and hate Suzaku. You might be among the few people here actually trying to look at things from both perspectives, but there are people here who like to stop at "Lelouch is right, Suzaku is wrong".

And I never said they were the same, I said they were not that different. It's sad how people seem to like focusing on their differences and ignore the similarities.
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