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Originally Posted by Orga777 View Post
I KNOW ruling with an iron fist isn't a good idea, but can you blame them? The same people just tried to topple the ruling government in a fiasco that caused considerable property damage and a high cost of both Britannian and Eleven lives.

NO Elevens trusted them (or Suzaku) after that mess with Euphemia. Wasn't that made perfectly clear in R2? Again, what do you propose Suzaku to do under those circumstances? The big wigs in charge aren't going to listen after what happened with the Rebellion after all. What do you want him to do?
Didn't we already go over this though I expect him to have a plan when he is trying something as ambitious as what he is claiming to.

The Elevens were crushed when Zero was gone and the Black Rebellion failed, I'm just saying that if Suzaku had been able to do something to help the Elevens he could work on regaining their trust, possibly as a condition for capturing Lelouch or for his support to capture C.C. All he has basically done in over a year on his supposed goal is to become the Knight of Seven, no attempt to gather political support or anything.
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