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Originally Posted by wtfftw View Post
Thats exactly the reason WHY the change from within is BS and which is why i say they can just invade japan all over again. SO why would it work if he is round of one and not now.

He will draw unwanted attention either way.
That doesn't make any sense. WHY would they invade a country already under their control? How does that even sound remotely logical?

Originally Posted by demon_god04
The Elevens were crushed when Zero was gone and the Black Rebellion failed, I'm just saying that if Suzaku had been able to do something to help the Elevens he could work on regaining their trust, possibly as a condition for capturing Lelouch or for his support to capture C.C. All he has basically done in over a year on his supposed goal is to become the Knight of Seven, no attempt to gather political support or anything.
But he had no real power in the political system whether he is a Knight of Seven or not! Do we even know that he DIDN'T propose something? Who the hell would listen to him? The country tried to throw a damn coup on them, and you think they are going to play nice with that? What do you think he has teh power to do when nobody is going to listen? You can't answer that with anything. He couldn't DO anything. The Rebellion made it impossible for anything to be done. The Britannian government didn't trust the Elevens, and teh Elevens didn't trust the Britannian government. There is nothing he has the power to do.
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