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I like Battler. Also, I like his name, tough when I was first reading about Umineko, thing that made me "bleh won't read it until sure it will be super good" was his name . But now, hey, this sure sounds cool. Also, in my country, there was a person whose name sounds pretty close to Battler's
But, also, in anime, his catchphrase sounds brilliant. Tough I don't like his anime look; well build body (hey, he ordered some weird medicine for muscle growth!) is last thing I would think looking at him, he looks no stronger that Kanon .
And I love his objection thing. I'm a fan of Ace Attorney franchise, and I like them both (still, Godot is my favorite character so far), tough they are not all that similar. When Battler says things out and loud, Wright is making snarky comments only in his head, that coward---erm, that one smart man . But certainly, they both are stubborn, don't like defeat, and most striking part is how Wright looks at his clients-just like Battler was is looking at his family members, THERE IS NO WAY THAT THEY MURDERED SOMEONE AND I CAN PROVE IT!
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