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There are various descriptors, like hot, sexy, beautiful, pretty, cute, etc etc and it's all rather subjective. All people are attractive in their own ways to varying degrees so comparing them is an act of futility. For example, you can hardly compare Caro to Signum, as Caro is 'cute' and Signum is 'sexy' and are equally appealing in certain respects.

Well, all of that is mostly irrelevant to me. What I value the most is emotional attachment rather than physical attraction. If you showed me a picture of a hot chick I didn't know, I'd be rather indifferent. Now show me an average looking girl I know, then you'll catch my attention.

On the internet, arguments usually arise due to people's tendancy to speak in absolutes. "Nanoha and Fate are the hottest cartoon women of all time!" is more likely to cause problems then "I think that Nanoha and Fate are the hottest cartoon women of all time!"
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