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First of all, thanks once again to everyone at WH for their dedicated hard work in getting this to us as such an early Christmas present. I spent the past week rereading EP6 in between studying and taking finals, and finished up yesterday, my first day of Christmas break. I'm so glad to be able to jump right into EP7 now with 6 so fresh in my mind.

That being said, is there a .zip patch available for Linux users? I used to use the installer-free Windows patch and it works just fine for me, but the more recent patches are Windows and Mac installers and I can't make use of them. I understand that this is to combat pirated game copies, but it makes it difficult for Linux users. Is there a way to get an installer-free patch so I can play it on my laptop?

Edit: Nevermind, I found it under the 'DVD version' link. Sorry about that ^^;

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