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Originally Posted by Gohan78 View Post
You have to be extremely careful in betraying your audience's expectations.
Especially if it's not clear whether it's a conscious subversion or plain bad writing ("I wrote myself in a corner with this plot development, so I'll just drop it").

I think that many of AO's so-called subversions (theEnd, Elena's identity, the Third Engine) are just abandoned plot threads.

P.S. An author that often (ab)uses subversion is Nisio Isin. The most egregious example is Katanagatari episode 4. Let it be known that after that episode I was so enraged that I insta-dropped the series. As I said, subversion is a double-edged sword...
I said what I think about theEnd earlier so I'll skip this part.
What you're saying is quite understandable. There really were a lot of potential in each of those. Even as they are at the end of episode 24 there still is. Which again leads me to the conclusion that 24 episode weren't enough.

For example - we get Elena's identity. But we don't get anything else. How did Eureka end up there? From what we're told she was there twice- once by mistake and a second to give birth to AO. Why was she there so much earlier and how? She was travelling through time but she was more like a ghost so she couldn't have saved Elena at that point.

The third engine seemed to respond to the feelings of the pilots. And not just any feelings - it seemed to respond only to love (or maybe to when someone you love goes out of your reach possibly forever) But they are machines so how did they do that and why.

It's not that they are abandoned plot threads - there was just not enough time to develop them is such a short time. As ttdestroy said 24 was too short for this.
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