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YouTube Audio Doubling

This is a recent problem that has only begun occurring since 5/20/2012, so I have a feeling this is a bug on YouTube's end.

Whenever I play a video on YouTube, the audio matches the video, for about the first whole second. Then, a second identical audio track begins playing, exactly 1 second off from the original. The problem is, this second track cannot be stopped, even when the video (and first audio) are paused using the playback controls. In fact, the sound simply will be go away until the entire track has played or the window is closed.

I am currently running Firefox 12 on a Windows 7 x64 PC. There have been no updates or changes in software on my end when I started getting the issue. Furthermore, experimentation shows that this problem occurs ONLY on YouTube, as YouTube videos embedded on other websites show no problems.

Has anyone else experienced this issue? Is there a way to code/script around it was an add-on like GreaseMonkey or something?

EDIT: An add-on called Auto-Pager caused the glitch. It's never acted up before, so it's probably how it tries to render multiple pages of comments on YouTube.

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