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Spoiler for spoiler:
I don't think he really is Lelouch unless if it says he's Lelouch then he is. Maybe he's a clone like in NoN or some character whose character or design is reused just like how Clamp did with Tsubasa. Looks a bit like Kamui and Subaru from Tokyo Revelations don't you think? If Julius really is a twin brother of Lelouch, that makes them the Vampire Twins of Code Geass: Lelouch-Kamui and Julius-Subaru and a Seishirou counterpart is needed (who is probably Suzaku). Or here's an alternate: Lelouch-Subaru and Julius-Seishirou in X-1999 reference. Julius is like Subaru or Seishirou since he only has one eye exposed and the other closed. Since everyone is debating whether he is Lelouch of not, that makes him the Full Frontal of Akito the Exiled since they too couldn't tell if he was Char Aznable or not. But if Julius is Lelouch with replaced memories, that makes him Neo Roanoke/Mu La Flaga of Code Geass. The reuse of Lelouch's character or Rolo Vi Britannia design is just like using Alice for Maelstrom of Libra-Too many Nightmare of Nunnally going on. It's like Taro Kagami->Teru Mikami from Death Note all over again

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