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Originally Posted by VK-Pitt View Post
Wonder how long Jol can stay on as manager for Tottenham...
I'm not a Spurs fan, but I do pity Spurs and Jol, they've expanded their squad but then unluckily lost their first two games of the season, and the media's already calling for Jol's resignation.

Strangely, no one's asking Ferguson to resign when he only managed 2 points from 3 games while Spurs have got 1 point more before their clash with United tomorrow. Talk about double standards.

It's just like how the media quickly turn their guns on Rafa Benitez early last season simply because Liverpool had a series of tough away fixtures, and everyone blamed it on his rotational policy when that policy had worked so fine for the Reds on 2005/2006.

Jol's not going anywhere, he's got the fans behind him. Spurs chairman Levy would be an idiot to undo all the hard work that Jol has established these past few years. The same can be said for Abramovich and Morinho, despicable his personality may be, Morinho has laid some good foundation for Chelsea's success.
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