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Originally Posted by Tormenk View Post
The positioning of the news looks to me as if it was born out of a afterthought.

I'm not surprised.

Originally Posted by Key Board View Post
Actually, I think Midchilda really is a small world
Do you see anything else besides one megacity?

Everything else is ruins and abandoned structures

WMDs.... serious business
That an interesting thought...

Originally Posted by Tormenk View Post
For the fact Erio has the potential, it's likely he's just given the rank and shoved to somewhere else. He's already fulfilling that role. Subaru is similar to the younger Nanoha to some degree. The rank promotion also gives her the boost to take over from Nanoha next season, since the possibility is there now.
Yeah, I know Erio has potential, he got to the same level as Subaru and Teana at a younger age.

I don't Subaru can truely take over nanoha, they're quite different in too many things...

Originally Posted by Tormenk View Post
Quint, for all accounts a normal mage, must be made of really tough stuff to trump her cyborg daughters in this.
For me, her dual-wield skills is learnt at Level- erm, age 10

While her daughters would be... 20 ?

Originally Posted by Nightengale View Post

- The problem with Regius was indeed a big problem in HQ. But as far as things are concerned, the things moving about will lead a way to a different revolution in management and stuff. And they start talking about the future, years to come, and the next-generation nonsense like they're 70 years old. No CYBORG CRACK for you here, Chaos.

More later. >_>
WHat? I didn't say anything !
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