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Originally Posted by Key Board View Post
Nanoha received lasting damage from her reckless beam orgy during episode in episode 25
her magic powers are reduced by 8% percent
Oh good. Finally a small shred of reality. I was beginning to think they'd get away from all this scot-free.

Hayate should be hanging her head for this ... (skips rest of very worn rant).

Shamal thinks this might be a trend, so she wants Nanoha to take a year off from magic. Two years if possible
Good luck, Shamal...

Nanoha says that she's not sure if she'll fully recover even if she rests that long. Instead, she decides to use the remaining time until graduation to pass on her offensive magic to her students.
That's her.

She notes of Teana's relatively high long range aptitude, so she decides to teach none other than her defining white devil spell to Teana; Starlight Breaker
A good candidate. Teana has already shown an aptitude for complicated spells with Variable Barret, and the whole energy recycling bit will compensate for her lack of power.

She will teach Axel Shooter to Caro,
OK, but does Caro have enough guidance channels?

and she will teach Erio her charging lance technique.
Well, I guess that's what's left.

As for Subaru, she intends to teach her, the real version of Divine Buster and perfect her ACS
Definitely a necessity here to round her out.

In the final practice duel between her and Subaru, Subaru manages to finally break Nanoha's shield with her IS: Shindouken (Vibration Shatter Fist)
1) ISes can be trained in power?
2) That will make it a S-class equivalent attack.

Even though they have pledged cooperation, it still does not absolve all of their crimes. Cinque had realized very early that even if they were released, they would not be truly free and experience limited rights. Cinque decided to cooperate because she was worried about her other sisters who would be lost alone in a world and wanted to be with them.
The TSAB's nepotism rears its ugly head. Be an accomplice in getting some "Jewel Seeds" that can supposedly wreak havoc among dimensions = Protective Custody (slap on the wrist). Be an accomplice in attacking a hopelessly unprepared HQ = not be truly free and experience limited rights.

Uh-huh. To be fair, the Numbers' crimes were far more public from the Midchildran viewpoint.

She believes that with time, their situation will eventually change, though. Perhaps she's considering working for government in exchange for something?
That's basically the bargain.

It feels like setup for things to come, and Nanoha will probably be de-emphasized
It seems like Ep4 will be the one where Nanoha will be the protagonist, but either dies or becomes completely powerless. A 8% loss isn't enough to really affect anything.

Still, I won't mind if they de-emphasized Nanoha, because that will mean de-emphasizing NxF and giving a chance for everyone else.
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