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Actually now a kids' pony iirc.
I heard something like that as well, but I heard 'Alto' by Zafira, so I'm not sure... whatever it was, it was not something uplifting for Zafira's stature.


- Lightning talk on mamas. My ears hurt. Anyway, nothing important, bonding thing.

- Erio/Caro visiting Lutecia. Through the learning programme, she came to understand a little of what she did, etc and her punishment, limiter/banish had already been decided even before the trial/hearing. She will be with her mother though. Her mother had... awakened then, I think and it made Erio/Caro pretty . There's chance she won't be able to return to conventional society, etc etc. Lutecia doing the arigato arigato thing that made Erio Caro tearful. It's pretty touching.

- Teana/Vice bike thing. Their chemistry are better like this than in the anime, more hard down one. >_>

- Welcome to Mission School, Vivio. Basically Vivio/Nanoha visiting the school during break period, Vivio introducing herself, etc etc, Schach briefing Nanoha on the escalator system for the school, the years she'll be going through. Vivio wants to learn there. And Vivio being insightful for once on her part, etc. Vivio says she'll learn hard and protect Nanoha in the future... S5?

- Talking to the grave thing. Teana talking about her steps to her future, telling him things and she's doing her best. Subaru about the same to Quint, and says she's not ready for dual-wield yet, etc. And it's Port Fall, not Waterfall. @_@

- Hayate x Vita bonding... Hayate is heavy, according to Vita. >_>

And what's with the baby-sleep music playing in the bg?

- Vita song.... Must be heard to be appreciated. Though... the style of music and pace is making me imagine weird things. @_@

- Zest's grave is with his comrades. Signum placed his favorite flower there, as requested by Agito. Basically, Wolkenritter/Agito bonding. It was Hayate that assisted in getting the clothes for Agito. Agito is pretty flabberghast in front of Hayate and the rest though, but more tsundere with Signum.
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