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- The Numbers one had been said already. There's more on the interaction part, and all that, but the core was the aspect of their limited freedom and all that. Technically, Lutecia and the younger Numbers are far more of child soldiers and are probably more ignorant than Fate, but whatever. I suppose the danger of having a Interdimensional Capital being bombed and the dimension-space of some off-world planet differs a lot.

And apparently they have bigger rooms in Jail's place, since they're complaining about room size and it's not even a real jail. And looks like Nove's getting along well with Subaru and Teana.

- Lindy/Caro/Erio. Looks like Erio at this point had pretty much already been somewhat of a Dragon Knight, saying that being alone, he can't ride Fried anyway, and had chosen to stay with Caro as a combi. Subaru is being scouted by the Rescue Force, seemingly a top force in Disaster, since they handle the dangerous cases.

- Nanoha is ridiculously stubborn. Nanoha basically make 'empty' promises of not pushing herself, etc etc etc, basically she wants to go on as she is. But anyway, the whole succession of Nanoha's skills to the rookies. Overheard by the rookies, and made them very high.

- Mock battle, A-composite, AA rank... etc. Stuff already mentioned.

- Last 2 songs. Standard stuff.

As expected, the entire SS doesn't really resolve anything on Alhazred-Jail and Verossa-Uno-brainhack, the last 2 plotholes of StrikerS. The only things worth mentioning was Nanoha's injury/passing-on-the-torch, and emotion-wise, the Lutecia/Caro/Erio scene should've been in the anime, but I suppose it would destroy the fluffiness of the situation.
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