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From what Nightengale has said:

.............. Disheartening...


I couldn't care less about Nanoha, Hayate, Fate, Subaru, Teana, etc.
Nor do I care about any talk about coorperating with the "good" guys (pointing to the Numbers talking)
Well, there's at least one part where you may not dislike it... too much. The one where Lutecia is visited by Erio and Caro.

Even if it was not as bad as it'll turn out, with Lutecia all smiles with her mom and Garyuu at some off-world planet, hearing Erio and Caro being snapped back to reality on how their empty promises amounted to mostly crap, what's with Lutecia's punishment and all that being decided before the trial even, and Erio and Caro pretty much end up doing nothing for Lutecia at all in what they said, only letting things take their course and ending up not as they probably had hoped it to be.
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