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I dunno, to give the illusion of justice? Or whatever it's called. She most likely had an appeal by some officer, Fate or someone, but even then, they pretty much signed her banishment papers just based on whatever records was on paper. She'll have her hearing, but it won't amount to anything. Just for the looks.

Nanoha never made it clear how the political jurisdiction and stuff in Mid-childa/TSAB is fully handled, but at least their annual budget plans seem to be open to the public.
How many more disappointments does the TSAB want to hand out to us? Does 7Arcs want us to hate this bureau as much as possible?

Come to think of it ... Hayate's case was also decided in the Summary fashion, and in Fate's case, there was some kind of trial but the defense lawyer is conspiciously missing the whole way! Chrono, who in our world would have been a witness as a police officer, seemed to have been her primary defence counsel, telling her what to say!

Keroko, remember when I mumbled that we wouldn't be so badly off under the TSAB. Maybe I was wrong...

Yet more thoughts: The rapid banishing of Lutecia (and her newly awakened mother) is really convenient for the TSAB. They won't have to explain why Megane Alpino (or Alpinu, Alpineau, ah forget it) came back to life after ten years. If there was a public or even semi-private trial, the details of the whole farce runs a great risk of being exposed to the world. Nice way to sweep your own dirty laundry under the bed, TSAB!

No wonder they didn't put this stuff in the anime...

Belkan Education: Need a little listening help here (Track 11, 1:45-1:55). I heard that Primary is 5 years and Middle is 3 years. But High School is what? I heard 2 years, but then I heard something I can't quite decipher. Help please.

Anyway, it says that you can get a Bachelor out of the program eventually.

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