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Originally Posted by Used Can View Post
I doubt he'll ever do that. His attitude toward Nagi is the same of a father. A father never thinks his daughter is old enough.

However, I think Nagi becoming independent, little by little, is a good thing on many different levels. To begin with, it is really good for her character development. It also makes the manga more interesting, and it's good to take it from the slump it was in. It also adds the possibility that, since Nagi may reach a point in which she becomes independent enough, she decides to let Hayate go (i.e. assuming he hasn't fallen for her, and/or that Nagi learned that he's not in love with her and about what actually happened back when they first met), so that he can starts a relationship with one of the other girls. That, or since Nagi may have been developed enough, she may actually start a relationship with Hayate.
not gonna happen

Listen to this man.
i didn't say he needs to leave immediately, just when his leaving will do the most good.
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