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Originally Posted by MakubeX2 View Post
Are you getting all xenophobic ?

In that case, I'll like to remind you that it's the natural turn of things in the greater scheme. Trend comes and goes all the time, J-Pop and all it's associated culture was all the rage during the 90s and K-Pop was just picking up where it left off.

Who knows if things can maintain the way it is now after another decade or so, but the answer is most likely no. Another trend will definately replace the K-Pop fever in the future.
Nope, just writing the truth as I see it.
To my eyes K-pop and Hanryu(have you heard of Trendy drama?) is basically a copy of what was happening in the 80's and 90's in Japan, South Korea is basically doing catch up.
I'll even bet that they will focus on street performers (or youtube performers with a twist) sometime in the near future.
Nothing really to bash an eyebrow about.

Originally Posted by Sumeragi View Post
Super Monkey's

In essence all music groups are the same

But really, when you look at things deeply, there's just too wide a gap between the average talent level between Japanese and Korean groups. J-Pop has always felt very superficial with only the occasional great ones, while with K-Pop (and I only started following it for like 3 years ago) has that genuine touch. Even if the method is the same (which I can't really agree with), the underlying foundation of K-Pop is far more sturdy than the usual J-Pop.
Underlying foundation of K-pop being more sturdy than Japan?
Don't make me laugh, the Korean system is basically a carbon copy of Japanese idol training schools of Japanese talent productions of Hori pro and others.
The difference is Japanese talent production only focused on the Japanese market since in the early 80's the Asian market was too small to take into account and the Western market was not ready for those petri dish idols.
If you listen to the K-Pop music scientifically they all rely on a single equation which is really cheap which was same as the Japanese idols. The difference is that Japan had a collection of various real life artist that didn't follow that equation.
Take a really hard look at the music scene of Japan and the large range of variety as early as the 70's taking in some from the western music scene, jazz, blue grass, punk, rock, and many other genre bashing it up together to make it their own.
How about Yamashita Tatsuro, Kome Kome Club, Southern All Stars, Kubota Toshiyuki, Begin,etc.
Korea had barely scratch the surface of real talent and as long as they follow the Japanese equation they are going to be shallow as the top ten music programs that was aired in Japan in the 70's and 80's.
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