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About the whole "morality" thing: People always say the present was worse than the past. nothing new there.
That is because they were once children and given more leeway, or they were better looking when they are younger and thus more attractive.

10 years down the road, and you might probably say the same thing because you were not as young and wanted as before. When things change from a personal perspective, it takes time for people to adjust to it.

Others it takes some form of "enlightenment". The question is when it will come.

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But yea, as a whole, I do believe humanity has become more tolerant in the modern age.
The pragmatist in me says that it is apathy, not tolerance. Otherwise people would be more willing to embrace ideas like LGBT and not ignore or shun them silently.

Such rejection often has their own reasons - if we are to wholly tolerate public display of affection between males, we would have dirty-minded and perverted rotten girls running amok in society encouraging the defiling of innocence of their own peers. Then where would purity go?

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