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Originally Posted by Endless Soul View Post
I kept facepalming every time Pinion spoke. I just know he's going to make some very bad decisions that are going to get people killed. (Dear Zod PLEASE don't let it be Melty!)
Me too =02. And I was thinking I'd never hate anyone in this series, but Pinion proved me wrong. I mean, I knew he was taking advantage of Ledo for his own selfish reasons, but he really let himself go over-the-top despite not having ANY power himself whatsoever. Chars like that just drive me UP THE WALL >=0[! I was actually hoping the pirates would kill him off while Ledo was wallowing in self-depression, but eh, I guess they'll save his death for another episode.

On another note, with this Colonel business coming up, I wonder just how Ledo will reunite with Amy? Will the Col destroy all of Pinion's fleet, forcing Ledo(and others) back to the Gargantia? I can totally see the Col and Ledo, destroying their Caliburs and Ledo returning back with Amy in some dramatic way(like her finding him unconscious on a plank of wood or something).
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