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^ I care for Amy, her brother and Bellows but overall the mope fest we saw back on the Gargantia didn't make me feel much of anything, other than for Amy (who I think misses Ledo as much as she is moping about over the Whalesquid). That said, I think the people of Gargantia are representing a theology that isn't quite coming across to some of the non Asian viewers, myself being one of those. My logical guess would be it's Buddhist in some way, from what little I understand about the religion. I believe that some sects (Tibetan is one that comes to mind) believe in total pacifism and not killing things unless they need to (thus why some Buddhist are vegetarians) and others believe that to one extent or another. Anyway, what I'm getting at is I think we're suppose to understand where the crew is coming from from a cultural background and thus sympathize more. I'm not sure how well that worked with the Japanese audience, any more than it did with us, however.

As for Col. Kugel being the final boss - that isn't a given yet in my mind. We're just going to have to wait and see exactly were that is going to go. That said, I still am not sure the crew on that other ship, which we're all calling the Cult at this point, really killed those squids. They look mummified to me. They could have found dead whalesquid who died of natural causes and preserved them. Really, if Striker had killed those squids, they'd be mush like the ones Chamber did.

As for Pinion, he's a moron in my opinion. The people following them are punch drunk with the find at the moment (btw, they are happy about what happened, though not so much for the dead whalesquid but the haul of tech) and hopefully enough of them will wake up and start backing up the Fleet Captain and get Pinion under control ASAP. I have a bad feeling that won't happen fast enough, however .
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