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Ledo's behavior was painfully inconsistent with vaporizing those pirates early on. It really bugged me that they didn't address that. I was thankful when Chamber gave his own analysis. It was interesting to hear.

Never expected Kugel to show up! Or his machine caliber anyway. Looks like he may have been taking down whalesquids too.
In reality these are two very different issues. Previously the pirates were being used as a way for him to cement a place for himself in this unknown society. He had to make a show of force and capability. The pirates were also a threat to him (in that they would attempt to kill him and disrupt his lifestyle). Edit: Also I suspect that Ledo would think of the pirates as being like terrorists, or dissidents. Enemies to civilization. In this case, he knows what they are and what they represent. They're just humans who are bullying other humans. Not humans disguised as aliens.

The Hideauze threat was a sham. He was killing under the guise of them being this horrible alien lifeform trying to destroy their civilization. As it was said: He has seen the enemy, and he is us. That's why Chamber's dialogue at the end is important, because he's establishing the fact that: "Yes, 'we' are the enemy. But it's also motivated by politics and a heritage of hatred for one-another and nothing will change that. Get over it."

At the end of the day, the revelation isn't important at all. It doesn't change anything. It's just like your average mystery. Solving a mystery doesn't change the outcome. Sometimes it doesn't even change what happened at all.
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