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Originally Posted by Byakou View Post
Actually if you read I pointed out that the GA have also lost their humanity
I don't think you have read a single thing of what I wrote.

They didn't lose it, they simply suppress it. Ledo is a living proof of that.
Ledo and all of the members of the alliance are arguably still humans. They can stop being Nazi any time. that's not written in their genes.

I didn't even imply any kind of superiority in my previous posts I merely argued that while we have proofs that the alliance individuals are still human, we don't have any about the Hideauze, and you seem to agree that they aren't.

Originally Posted by Byakou View Post
It's more like watching star trek and saying humans are fundamentally superior to say, klingons. That's just dumb frankly, they're different species.
Klingons are intelligent, are capable of emotions, can develop a culture, can build civilizations, can be reasoned with, and can even make peace and accept agreements.

If Hideauze are capable of that (and I'm not saying that they must have all of the above), then I agree that they should be treated like humans. If they are not, then you'd need to explain why they should be treated any different than you would with termites.

If your only argument is that I think that anything non-human is automatically inferior to humans, you aren't talking to me but to a strawman.

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