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Meh, my thoughts on it . . . spoilers for volumes 6 and 7!


So basically, I think it's not that Mikuru's acting stupid, but that Itsuki, Yuki, and Kyon are acting too smart. Itsuki is well-informed by a shadowy organization with contacts and sources everywhere (as revelations show in volumes 7 and 8), and has his own powers to back it up (besides his closed-space powers, I think there's enough evidence to prove he has other psychic abilities related to Haruhi). And Yuki, we all know she's capable of a ton of stuff. Kyon, while lacking abilities, is not without resources, as he can ask either Itsuki or Yuki for explanations as to the situation. Mikuru, on the other hand, is afraid of asking those two, and is unable to get a response from her own superiors.

Besides, if it weren't for Yuki and Itsuki leading him around, Kyon would probably be just as lost as Mikuru...

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