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Originally Posted by hitokirigirl View Post
Hello, Pelli ^___^
Yes, I was referring to Raito as we saw him in the very first episode : gloomy, acting high and mighty, thinking, as he said himself, that the "world is rotten".
The doppelganger situation, to sum it up.
Yo, hitokirigirl ^_^ (by the way, is there a shorten form of your nick? ^^)

Yes I agree. Antonik's post completed what I had in mind: Light's personality change is unrelated to the loss of Death Note (since in your post you were wondering if DN had new features such as changing characters), and so yeah, a simple flow of events leads him to be different. Of course, as Shiroth noticed, he's quite in a pinch now, weeks and months of undeserved detention (because in Light's eyes, that's how it is, injustice), and loss of freedom may only bring to strong motivation and determination. Hence, the changement

It seems that the "normal" Light is finally in front of a problem not as easy to solve as the ones the previous "normal" Light, the easygoing genius, was so used with.
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