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yar, with the demise of Light's Note, this thing seems to have fallen apart. without that "what clever shenanigan comes next, and how will Light/L demonstrate that they accounted for it with an even CLEVERER shenanigan!?" suspense engine, a harsh light falls on this scurvy pack of rerun characters: hardboiled cop destined to die 2 days before retirement, comic relief rookie sidekick, and the Yagami family as square as a unit of area.

but L looks worst of all. yo! Batman called--he wants Alfred back! without even a Bruce Wayne backstory (and with the random skyscraper building antics), everything that was "mysterious" and "eccentric" starts to look a lot more "contrived" and "hollow" as we realize that this dude can deus ex machina anything. I mean, he's _L_, man! he totally saw your speculation about his backstory coming, which proves that Light must be Kira!--and the crowd goes "ooh!," because we know he's right. as I haven't been following these threads, I figure there's been some discussion of the odd fact that the investigation has centered on figuring out who is behind the killings, and not how in the world the killings take place, since there's no obvious reason to assume that a person is capable. it'd be more likely to e.g. keep high-profile criminals in sensor-loaded rooms to determine the mechanism that induces their heart attacks etc. at which point L could show off his Shinto priest powers by divining the work of Shinigami with one of them broom looking things. but obviously there's less psycho-drama there. unless he has to get past Freddy Kruger in fine dream warrior style.

so, fresh meat for both sides? maybe the show is just dogging it towards the end of this leg of the relay, with the baton soon passing on to another suspense scheme express. you know Light is going to get back in business eventually, and probably with a predictable bang...
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