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Originally Posted by orange.a View Post
So.... noone's REALLY using Miku or are you just gathering Miku material?

I don't know how to "import" songs in Miku. I already know that you can't import whatever song you wish and then voicing it, I heard something called Rewire but I don't know that the hell that means :/
Rewire just lets Vocaloid interface with other sound editing software so you have the proper background music. For example, I use Sonar6 and add a karaoke version of a song, then add Vocaloid2 (in sonar) as a rewire instrument. Start up Vocaloid and the two programs will synchronize when playing. This really helps get the timing of Miku's singing match with the song's tempo.
Later when you finish, you'll export the vocaloid track and use other software to add in the music anyway.

As for making songs...I'm working on one but here's a preview...
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