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Originally Posted by sky black swordman View Post
^ I think so.
The last time I heard her was in 2011 in Durarara!! as Haruna Niekawa, I have not heard her since then.
Sandy Fox still does some voice acting, but only mostly in video games and American cartoons. She doesn't seem to get a lot of anime roles nowadays for some reason. However, my theory is that she isn't really one of the "big name" voice actors like Steve Blum, Wendee Lee, Yuri Lowenthal, Crispin Freeman, Kari Wahlgren, Johnny Yong Bosch, Cristina Vee, Christine Marie Cabanos. Another possible reason is that she's a union voice actor and most anime titles are non-union (although she still reprise her role as Flonne in the Disgaea games, which is non-union according to a representative from NISA). Also, note that Sandy Fox is also a humanitarian and environmentalist activist as well as a singer and she doesn't get a lot of time to do voice acting, so this could be a factor.

Still, Sandy Fox did inspired a lot of voice actors and singers. I recall reading a Facebook post from Cristina Vee that Sandy Fox's singing gave her the inspiration for singing OP and ending songs for her Youtube channel along with voice acting.
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