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Originally Posted by Telmah View Post

Hmmm I saw things differently I suppose. Something I read somewhere suggested, that Hakuoro the man was the vessel for the primal deity. When he raged after they killed Mikoto so so cruelly he split into two halves...a good ie Hakuoro and evil side ie Dii. The impression I received was that the two sides of the primal deity were imprisoned at the end, and the man that originally combined with the deity could eventually be set free.
Yes, you are all right there. This is all canon information from the game and anime both.

Originally Posted by Telmah View Post
The only thing that confused me was if the deity could resurrection Aruruu, then why didn't he do so for Mikoto as well? I pondered it quite a bit and the only thing I could think of was perhaps he couldn't at the time and eventually acquired the power.
I'm not sure Hakuoro knew that he had the power of resurrection at that time or not. Regardless, poor Mikoto had been "disassembled", remember? She was in jars. She wasn't much more than a couple chunks on an operating table at that point - there wasn't even a corpse, really. Whereas Aruruu probably broke her neck or something. In the context of the anime, that would probably be a lot easier to fix. I guess.

Originally Posted by Telmah View Post
I disagree with Incube's viewpoint that all he did was harm her though. The events with [SIZE=2]Nuwangi I think would have happened without his presence eventually I think, and he did try to protect the village and comfort her after it was destroyed. And it was obvious that he cared about her quite a bit from the various scenes, which I illustrated in one of my posts above or could be seen in Zaris's earlier post. I could go into great detail if you like...
Also agreed, if for no other reason that Incube's viewpoint is extremely negative. Hakuoro brought a lot of joy, as well as grief into their lives. It was kind of a double-edged sword of sorts, but I don't think it was Hakuoro's fault in the least. He couldn't help who he was. All he could do was deal with every dituation that arose the best he could. That's how I feel, at least.
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