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Okay, I watched the episode.... and I'm kinda shocked that Lelouch acted so suddenly. That whole organisation was destroyed in a matter of moments, no one was spared... Recently, the anime's been shocking me quite a bit. So many events happening so quickly: The Black Knights ally with the Chinese Federation, Jeremiah joins Lelouch, Shirley dies, the Geass order is destroyed...

I'm not surprised that Rolo is Shirley's actually murderer. It was obvious since the last time we saw him using his Geass in ep.13 and it would have been too stupid and cliche if someone else but Rolo had killed her.

I was surprised that this whole Order was like an underground city. I mean, there were homes and buildings and people lived there with their families (or so it seemed). Those people must have been busy with their research for years.

Alright, I'll get to the more important point: everyone seems to be scheming behind each other's back; Lelouch plans on killing Rolo as a revenge for killing Shirley, Oghi and Villeta are acting really weird and I'm not sure who they are loyal to anymore (especially in Villeta's case).

Second: I'm starting to see both Lelouch and Suzaku in a whole different light. I've never thought that Lelouch would act so furiously and have that order destroyed, nor have I imagined Suzaku saying something like 'The goal justifies the means'.

Third: Shirley is dead! I still can't believe it! I guess that's one potential girlfriend for Lelouch down, now there's only Kallen and C.C. left. I was hoping that she might become a more important character in the future episodes, but I guess it just... wasn't meant to be.

Alright, in overall, the episode was great. I love it. I can't help it.
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