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Originally Posted by ApostleOfGod View Post

So C.C. is Marianne's kid? Man, these plot twists are madd...
Where did you catch that? There's no way that could be true taking into consideration of how long C.C has lived. But putting that point aside (first post
), I've got to say that was a kick ass episode. My mouth was literally opened the whole time out of awe. It brings up so many questions though. What is Marianne's ultimate role? As stated in some earlier posts, the parallels between Lelouch/Rolo/Shirley and Charles/V.V./Marainne (taking into account the content of the episode) seem to suggest that Charles did care, to a degree, for Marainne and that V.V. probably had a big role in her murder. This brings up the question of the events that actually happened on the day she was murdered. Perhaps she had something to do with the pact (perhaps an interference of sorts) or maybe even extending to Lelouch/Nanally (since they weren't evacuated even though she knew of the attack). This would bring up the point of V.V. saying that Lelouch is a "cursed prince" and maybe it was even foreshadowed back in R1 when Suzaku said that his existence was a mistake. Maybe Marianne was geassed into lowering the security and keeping her children at the palace that day.

On another note, I think Rolo's end will probably be a result of his heart condition and I think Suzaku's way of finding out if Lelouch is Zero or not is pointless.

Sorry so long
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