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Originally Posted by Dark Wing View Post
For those of you who are still supporting Suzaku please come to your senses!

Season one he said to Lelouch after Lelouch saved his punk ass from the Britannias who were going to execute him that he would not join him because his methods were wrong. He said something to the tune of "the outcome doesn't matter if the methods are wrong."

Well guess what he said in this episode? "To prevent more tragedies, I cannot let the methods hold me back." He has done a total 180 and no longer cares about the methods he uses, as long as he gets Lelouch in the end. This is the first episode where Suzaku's actions had clearly wrong and contrary to what he had said earlier, that is why everyone is bringing it up.
Yep, Suzaku has completely sold out, and the only thing he is really managing to do amidst his ever growing irrelevance is to become more annoying and unlikeable to me.
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