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Originally Posted by calvinguy View Post
Lelouch is evil and that is exactly what I like about code geass, this show wouldn't be as popular if he was just a heroic moral protagonist like in most shows. Lelouch himself admits that he must become evil to overcome evil, on a moral standpoint this is obviously wrong but who cares, its more interesting this way.

Suzaku on the other hand has become exactly like Lelouch, he doesn't care anymore, he just wants to get revenge even if it means forcing someone else on drugs.

People shouldn't be arguing who's right and who's wrong because both their actions are morally wrong.

However I choose to support Lelouch becuase he is more easy to sympathize with and of course because he is the main character. Are his actions always right? No, but it doesn't matter because his character isn't meant to be like that and thank god for that because thats what makes the series good.
I totally agree. This is how I view the series as well. And of course, it is a reason why I like the Rolo character, and continue to even after recent episodes. If anyone in this series deserves the B.S. to end and to have a decent and fulfilling life, it's him. On a side note, did Rolo kill those kids? They didn't really show it. I almost think that he didn't.
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