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For some reason i did not like this episode as much as i had anticipated. A couple of things were made known like Shirley's death which i still think was unnecessary. But we know know who did it and yes it was that little shit Rolo. WTF she committed suicide by shooting herself in the stomach the fact that this outcome was so predictable made the episode lose points. Plus she was not even holding the gun when they found her no one shoots themselves in the stomach it retarded unless you want to die slowly and painfully and coughing on your own blood and bile sigh very unoriginal and very disappointing this is how they kill off one of my favorite characters. Well the end result was Zero was placed in a very difficult position and at the time i think he made the right choice. However it did not work out as planned. The scary part is that Rolo feels that he did a good thing but he also lied and said Shirley was Lelouche's enemy which was not true. This will not be the last time we see Lelouch want to make Rolo pay for his SINS im sure of it.

I was hoping the series would not do 1 thing but it did I was hoping we would not see Suzaku contradict himself anymore than he already has. The fact that he is ready to use Refrain on Kallen is unforgivable. He knows how much Kallen suffered due to her mothers addiction yet he is ready to do the same to her. For me this was the last straw for Suzaku in my eyes he can never be redeemed. I dont care if he saves the whole human race in the end i will never have respect for him again. Suzaku does not have the ability to see beyond what he is given. If he knew what Charles real plans were im sure he would start to have doubts yet he would continue on that path not because he wants too but because he can not many any other decision thats very sad.

The funny thing is Lelouch is innocent yet Suzaku is going to blame him it could have been anyone. Suzaku is just looking for a reason to blame Lelouch for something in the end both Lelouch and Suzaku missed Shirley's final words to them that alone is defacing her memory.

I wish I could have given it a 10 but i couldnt do it this time. I felt there was a lot of dialog that was not needed and parts where dialog would have helped the scene along were absent. Also, the animation is a couple of the fight scenes seemed really choppy. By no means did i hate this episode it was still good

The end with Cornelia, Jemimah and Lelouch taking V.V. made me smile. Cornelia is still the shit even with 1 arm. My question is where does she go from here? Lelouch facing down his old man was a mouth dropping.

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