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So does Lulu and yet people here still supported him - to me, both Lulu and Suzaku are basically the same - they share the same goals, but they just used different methods of getting it done. Lulu pride himself on his ability to separate his emotion from his goal, but from what we have seen in this episode, he basically throw it out the window because Shirley was killed. Not only he is doing an operation that the most "loyal" team is questioning (It's the Zero team that carry out the operation, which is supposed to be lead by Kallen and consider Zero's own bodyguards), he is rushing into things without taking a look around (if Diehardt can tell Ougi is behaving weird, he should've notice it too from Viletta) - he is creating problems for himself in the grand plan on overthrowing Britainia.

If Suzaku is "selling out," then what do we call Lulu? He was using Suzaku's compassion for Japanese when he call Suzaku's buff on whether he will kill the million of peple that disguish themselves as Zero? If Suzaku is really the "bastard" that almost everyone seems to think he is, he would've just let the military do its thing and he will probably get a medal for doing it. If he really did consider Suzaku his friend, how come he never did explain the whole situation with Suzaku regarding Euphie's death? Suzaku, for better or worse, is Euphie's lover, not to mention his best friend, you would think that would warrant at least an explanation, but nope - Lulu just decide to "eat it" and be the bad guy, somehow thinking it is better.

Suzaku is pretty passive in this series - and the only reason he even think about doing something with Kallen is because he thought Lulu killed Shirley - to him, killing your friend is a big "no no".

I understand how some people feel because we are mostly seeing the story from Lulu's point of view, so it's logical to assume anybody's else action that went against Lulu is wrong.

I think this series is getting interesting because both sides (Lulu and Suzaku) are doing things for the wrong reasons, so it really makes you wonder what is in store for them at the end, as I don't think either one of them can live with the aftermath of this whole thing.
Lelouche sold out during Season 1 when Nunnally got kidnapped. However, since Nunally is his bottom line, the truth is, he's only sold out his followers, who mean nothing to him if Nunally is on the line. Lelouche decided early on to do anything and everything it takes, and we are reminded of that rather often.

While his latest decisions are indeed spurred on by Shirley's death, he is merely ridding himself of a major threat through whatever means necessary as usual. Suzaku in the other hand wouldn't join Lelouche to free his own country and people from the Empire solely due to his belief that it is wrong to fight using any means necessary. And what's he doing now? Kissing the (any means necessary) emperor's ass and using chemical drugs to make a prisoner of war give information behind Nunally's back. Let's not forget that due to her own history, this will likely scar Kallen for life.

So yeah, Lelouche is a bastard, but Lelouche is supposed to be a bastard, and Suzaku is supposed to only be against him because he refuses to be a bastard since they claim to want the same thing at base. Only now, Suzaku is a bastard as well, which really leaves no excuse for him to have the views he has. Unless he's hated his own country and people all along, and has done everything to obtain the power he now has that is which I doubt. He's just sold out and doesn't stand for anything anymore. The bottom line comparison between he and Lelouche shows Lelouche to have alot more credibility in the (relative) integrity tank. Suzaku has none. Not to mention that he's now grown into a second tier character. Just annoying imo.
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