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Originally Posted by irvinethearcher View Post
There's no proof that clare could do such a thing. It seems more probable that this was her original awakened form. For example look at alicia and beth. Alicia has a special black armor for her awakened form therefore it is allways the same because if it wouldn't why forge an armor for her?
The first example of shape shifting is Isley, he has one body, but he can change his arms into anything he wants.

We have Clare asking for something and then getting it.

Agatha (the #2 Ab in Ramona) had 3 different shapes, you can argue that is was the same modified, but at the end of the day, she was able to us her body three different ways.
Big Crab like shape
Big human shape
Small human shape, her true shape.

We have that last Ab that Clare and Cynthia killed. She first used an attack similar to Riful. She then went into a mini Agatha shape. And for the ultimate shape shifting she got wings and flu away. The most interesting thing about her is that she was able to separate her body into two. This allows for allot off possibilities, regardless of what her true Ab form is, in theory she could make her lower half into anything she wanted.

It’s all speculation, in the end Yagi can just make Clare Ab form into a single shape. But with all what have happened in the manga, he has allot of flexibility for an awakened Clare.
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