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Originally Posted by irvinethearcher View Post
As far as i remember she controlled her legs with her arms but i read it again.
But as far as i remember rigardo said the same as i said.

okay - scanning done...
clare awakened her left arm a bit to use it as an anchor to control her legs. This isn't a control someone normaly has over his legs.
Clare did improvise as allways in order to win
After she fully awakened her arms rigardo was a goner. Even with both arms he wouldn't stand a chance against 4 limbed awakened clare. She simply would have torn him to lion steaks in millseconds.
But it helped clare that he has only one arm left to awaken her arms and survive until that point - that's 4 sure. There aren't only 2 awakened arms - this is "queen of blades" mode Perhaps she could even prolong them
at will like in the anime was shown. There's no awakened nr. 2 on earth who could last out long against this. Even with her poor control search and destroy would probably be enough to shred someone lik agatha into little pieces in a matter
of seconds with this. What i originally intended to say was that clare's 4 limbed awakening IS actually very strong if she would be able to control her arms and legs normally.
The key question for the Island War thread has to be whether it'll be enough...enough to take down an Abyssal One without Claire awakening all the way and losing her mind herself? She can kill awakened number 2s, so even if an Abyssal is considerably more powerful, Claire should stand a fighting chance with all four limbs awakened.

How the warriors of Claymore OUGHT to look:
"So Shiek, now you see that evil will always triumph, because good is dumb!"
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